Poached Duck Egg with Porcini Cream Sauce

Eggs, Meat

One afternoon, I made a friend some macaroni & cheese.  The oozing, bubbly mug of the browned stuff turned out to be a saving grace for her that day.  It was one of the worst in recent memory.  Some weeks passed as her smile returned.  Then, just yesterday, she surprised me with a few duck eggs.  They came from some of her friends who keep the ducks, and she wanted to share the same pleasure she received with me.  So, this morning, for breakfast, I put together this rich, creamy dish, which I dedicate to friendship.

This should be called Eggs Seattleite because, 1, we love Eggs Benedict up here, 2, we love bacon up here, 3, we love crusty bread up here, 4, we love wine up here, and, 5, the porcinis love to grow up here.