13th + Marion Community Garden Expands


The garden gets extended.

Today while watering my bed at the 13th + Marion Community Garden, I discovered that the north area, before covered with cardboard, has been tilled and formed into beds.  While JP, Wes, and I constructed our beds with a more traditional parallelogram shape, it seems that the three ladies responsible for the new beds have taken a different approach.

The beginnings of a very attractive garden-bed design.

Although it’s hard to see from the photograph, each of the four beds will be different in size and shape, from triangular to polygonal.  While clearing away soil for pathways, they formed with some rocks what looks to be a future herb spiral behind the plum tree. What a great use of space!

An herb spiral in the making.

From the outset, the three of us who ultimately begot the garden agreed that its growth would depend on the community.  Therefore we decided that there would be no power structure of garden politics: those who wanted a bed would have to build one.  So far, this has worked out very well for all of us.

The plants are taking over my bed.

The way it works is we e-mail one another and schedule a work party that more or less suits everybody.  Certainly not everyone can make it, but a large enough group gathers so that some serious headway can be made.  Then everybody meets, slips on their gloves, grabs some tools either brought in or borrowed from the Photographic Center Northwest, owner of the property,and gets to work.

Kohlrabi: When I planted these, they were tiny and leafless from so much bug-munching. Now look at them!

As this garden expands, both in plants and size, I can’t help but to daydream of the future when I am long gone and I happen to chance by and see it, something completely different but doing then what it’s doing now: bringing gardeners together in a city notorious for its avoidance of human interaction.

Lemon balm.

I imagine that next week I will begin harvesting from my bed.

The beautiful colors of Rhubarb Chard, Savoy Cabbage, and Red Lettuce

And, hopefully, I will be harvesting all the way into the autumn.

A little Bell Pepper.

Now that’s local eating.


2 thoughts on “13th + Marion Community Garden Expands

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